Metal Urges show in Springwoods ' Braemar Gallery, 2018

April 28, 2018.

Metal Urges highlights the diversity of current practice of contemporary artists who work in metal casting and brings together a circle of National Art School Bronze Founders. 

Curated by Clara Hali, this exhibition features the work of two local artists, Justin Morrissey and Clara Hali, as well as Sydney based artists Elyssa Sykes-Smith, Lisa Tolcher, John Blakeney, Felix Feneley, Tom Parker and Fiona Watson. 

The artists all have a common passion and interest in casting metals and each artist is developing their own particular sculptural language.

The exhibition opens at Braemar Gallery, Macquarie Road, Springwood, on Thursday, April 26 and runs until May 20. The official opening is on Saturday, April 28 11am-1pm by Dr Ella Dreyfus, visual artist, lecturer and head of public programs, National Art School. The gallery is open Thursday-Sunday, 10am-4pm.

metal urges.jpeg